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Content Marketing

People Avoid Advertising. But they seek out information! 

In a world that is increasingly saturated with advertising, aviation customers want and respect well-researched, expertly crafted articles that tell stories, explain products, and help them make intelligent decisions. 

Content Marketing: Build Credibility & Influence, and Educate Your Audience

Content Marketing

When you have a decision to make, you seek out the most credible sources of information available. And to many aviation consumers, that includes articles in credible publications, white papers and other high-quality, well-written information sources that aren’t clamoring to sell a product.  

A consistent flow of information maintains your credibility within the industry press, association newsletters, and your own regular communications with clients, customers and stakeholders.  

But it can be difficult to come up with ideas for articles and press releases, and you may not have the time to craft a well-written piece each month.  

ABCI can help.  

We work with published, experienced aviation writers who write or ghostwrite for many of the most notable and prolific public figures in aviation. We help strategize with you about your audience, purpose, key topics and newsworthy events to write about.  

We create timely, well-crafted materials and use a simple, transparent approval process so you’re in control of what gets published when.  

While no one can guarantee placement of articles in industry publications, we have cultivated a strong media list for almost ten years, and many of our writers have done so for much longer than that.  

We manage the process. You enjoy the results!

Here's What You'll Get: 

  • An analysis of your audience and purpose.
  • We plan an editorial calendar for you based on your unique objectives. 
  • Our exclusive approval management process – We make the process easy and transparent for you to stay in control of the process. 
  • An Editorial Calendar of article ideas, timed to coincide with topics in popular industry magazines and events, as well as your seasonal or planned sales initiatives.
  • High quality writing – Our writers provide intelligent, insightful coverage of aviation topics that comes from years of experience. 
  • Clean, error-free content– Each article will be edited twice before we ask you to spend time reviewing it. 
  • Aviation Industry Knowledge – Our writers understand the language of different specialties within the aviation industry. A 500-800 word article each month – Customer success stories, product developments, interviews with team members, newsworthy event coverage, the options are endless!
  • Ideas for reusing articles – In your company newsletters, in your sales information packages, as magazine tear sheets, etc.
  • Travel and photography not included – but may be available at an additional charge.  
Content Marketing

There's No Risk with ABCI's Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

While no one can guarantee placement of articles in industry publications, we absolutely guarantee the quality of our work, and absolutely guarante you'll enjoy working with us. 

If it doesn't work out, just let us know! Aviation is a small world, so we can't afford to have an unhappy customer.